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  07:00:00 pm by derresh, Categories: Podcast

So done testing, got some feedback, lets start proper numbering. Something not that compliacted but... well i got curious 



  06:41:00 pm by derresh, Categories: Podcast


So this ripoff frustrated me... i felt compeled to make a video off this. Buy 8 USD tech in a nice iCase for 119. Enjoy 

  05:08:00 pm by derresh, Categories: Podcast

So pilot episode 01, where I click on a link... and then regreat what i find on the othere side of it. Lets start with usless gadgets

  12:00:00 am by derresh, Categories: Uncategorized

Well... Now i will have to work this out, also i plan on a mini blog series, Its going to be a look on kickstarter/indiegogo eletornics. Some of them just bog my name. Working name will be "Why do I bother" How it goes, well... we see I will look for something for this tomorrow. Maybe do a pilot. Guess it depends on how lazy I feel


  11:36:00 pm by derresh, Categories: Uncategorized

So i dont know how to fix wordpress so I used that as a excuse to try a difrent CMS, lets see maybe I will not be lazy and make a mini review of this. For now it works, and I dont get mysterious 404's


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